MegaCorp is a VR game playing in the future, where the society is ruled by powerful corporations. The Player has to infiltrate a AI controlled facility to save the mankind from medical enslavement. After the mega corporation ‘Entity’ has announced their new world changing medical product, a remote controllable nanite based serum, the player is send by the other pharma and health insurance corporations, which fear for their loss in power though this technology, to infiltrate and destroy the laboratory in order to stop the release.

MegaCorp covers interesting real world political conflicts about the power of corporations in the medical sector and the need of people of available and affordable healthcare systems. Especially because most big pharmacy company are acting on global level today, they have a lot of influence against governments of different countries, and the people living in there. Even today are cased uncovers, where those company take advantage of the populations of poor countries. But the political conflicts don’t end there, our technology advances so fast, that we reach every year new situations where we have to make legal and ethical considerations. One good example is the FDA aprovement for a sensor pill which digitally tracks if a patient has taken their medication. The public media reported about that with their worries about a biomedical ‘Big Brother’.

  • MegaCorp

    Was a 5th semester project

  • From

    6 students

  • For

    Virtual reality based on the HTC Vive

  • Powered by

    Unity Engine on Windows 7+

My Contibutions


  • Main role

    Game designer

  • Secondary role

    Supporting game developer

  • Additional responsibilities

    Production management

As Game Designer

  • Designing the all of the core game elements, like movement, hacking, enemy’s or alarm systems
  • Creating a fun virtual reality supporting user experience
  • Designing the game level and different level sections
  • Testing created level sections and gameplay features
  • Writing the story plot
  • Giving feedback about look and feel of produced assets to fit into the user experience

As Game Designer

  • Creating the designed levels out of modular environment assets from prefabs
  • Placing the game mechanic relevant assets into the level
  • Implementing sound effects and a story narration system
  • Implementing the hacking feature as well as visualization of 4D hypercubes
  • Creating a 3D parallel projection shadow of the 4d hypercube