VRSpace is a virtual reality game focused on playfully learning about the creation and development of our universe.

Various stages of this evolution are visually presented to allow users of all age to explore the relationships of physical and chemical processes involved in how our universe became what it is today.

From first causing the big bang out of the black vastness of space to carefully moving a lifeless, heavy rock into the habitable zone to create our blue planet, every step involves a trial and error learning process, accompanied by narration and atmospherical music.

  • VRSpace

    Was a 3rd semester project

  • From

    Five enthusiastic developers

  • For

    Virtual reality based on the HTC Vive

  • But only


My Contibutions

  • Vision Keeper

    Team leading and creative direction

  • Game Design

    Core gameplay mechanics, intuitive interactions, trial-and-error learning

  • Game Development

    Programming and game development in Unreal Engine 4

  • Rigging & Animation

    Rigged and animated VR controller model