Floors into Fear

Project Details

Project Type:

2nd Semester Study Project

Project Status



12 Weeks

Team Size

5 Students

Main Role:

Game Designer

Used Software & Languages:

Unity, HTC Vive, C#, Perforce

Floors into Fear

-VR Horror Experience-


    Floors Into Fear is a virtual really horror game about challenging the player to test their personal borders of fear.

    The game gradually identifies the players fear by evaluating the decisions made and the individual behaviour based on a psychological personality test. This creates a unique per player experience while exploring the fictional hotel by simply travelling down an elevator in an immersive and increasingly dense atmosphere. The randomly generated floors will change slowly and subtly from an ordinary look to a nightmarish environment, containing tension and scare events which are chosen depending on the players personality and the decisions made in the game so far.

    To achieve this atmosphere the game makes use of randomly generated levels, which create a subliminal change from a normal atmosphere into pure horror with a dynamically scalable level layout and stepless shader morphing. The specific events are controlled by the results of the players dialogue with a fictionally technician.

    Main Contribution as

    Lead Game Designer

    • Shaping the core game elements, including creation of story- and horror events
    • Giving feedback to the artist about look and feel of specific game elements
    • Designing the mood and feel of the individual game phases and the corresponding composition of models, lights, sounds, effects, etc.
    Contribution as


        • Designing and programming core elements of the game, like:

          • Parameter-controlled random level generation

          • Parameter-controlled atmospheric changes

          • Dynamic and automated event prefab loading and instantiating

          • Controlling the game state from the elevator console

          • Implementing VR interaction trigger
        • Creating a Unity Editor add-on for adding new events and floor prefabs easily as a non developer
        • Implementing scripted sound, light, texture and shader changes at runtime