VR Space

Project Details

Project Type:

3rd Semester Study Project

Project Status



10 Weeks

Team Size

5 Students

Main Role:

Lead Game Designer

Used Software & Languages:

Unreal Engine 4, C++, Node Scripting, HTC Vive, Perforce

VR Space

-Interactive VR Experience from Big Bang to the creation of Earth-


    VRSpace is a virtual reality game focused on playfully learning about the creation and development of our universe.

    Various stages of this evolution are visually presented to allow users of all age to explore the relationships of physical and chemical processes involved in how our universe became what it is today.

    From first causing the big bang out of the black vastness of space to carefully moving a lifeless, heavy rock into the habitable zone to create our blue planet, every step involves a trial and error learning process, accompanied by narration and atmospherical music.

    Main Contribution as

    Lead Game Designer & Programmer

    • Designing the core game elements, including interaction design, story plot, game mechanics and level design

    • Setting the direction and giving feedback about look and feel of produced assets

    • Creating intuitive and on each other based interactions and feedbacks

    • Designing a fun and intuitive virtual reality supporting gameplay like:

      • merging particles to create atoms

      • throwing Stars into each other to create Supanovae 

      • pushing rocks arround to create a adequate blue and habitable green planet for live to evolve on